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At bitsflock, we understand the unique challenges and demands of running a modern poultry farm. Our cutting-edge poultry farm management software is designed to streamline your operations, boost productivity, and ensure the success of your commercial layer farm, breeder, hatchery, or feed industry.

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Integrate all aspects of your poultry farming business effortlessly. From inventory management to livestock monitoring, bitsflock ensures a cohesive and interconnected system for optimal efficiency.


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Commercial Layer Farm

Unlock efficiency and elevate your layers farm with precision. Bitsflock: Where technology meets optimal egg production.

Breeder Farm

Elevate your breeding precision with Bitsflock – empowering breeder farms with smart solutions for success


Hatch smarter, hatch faster. Bitsflock: Your key to streamlined hatchery management.

Grand Parent Farm

Elevate breeding precision with Bitsflock – Empowering grandparent poultry excellence.

Contract Farming

Transforming farming futures with data precision. Bitsflock: Where every data point cultivates success.

Track your Employee

Healthy strategies, thriving outreach, pinpointed success. Bitsflock: Where our pulse is your business pulse.

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Discover the power of bitsflock and revolutionize the way you manage your poultry farm. Join the growing community of successful poultry farmers who trust bitsflock for unparalleled efficiency and productivity.

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Avinash Group

Dr. Subhir Singh

Bitsflock is a must-have for anyone managing a poultry farm. The breeder and hatchery management features have made data recording and analysis a breeze. The real-time insights provided by the software have significantly improved our decision-making processes, leading to enhanced productivity and overall success.

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Bhattarai Poultry Farm

Dr. Ashesh Bhattarai

Bitsflock is efficiency in data recording and analysis has given us a competitive edge. It's like having a virtual assistant, ensuring our farm runs smoothly and our egg production stays at its peak.


Poshak Feed

Dr. Jiwan Adhikari

Bitsflock has transformed how we manage our feed industry operations. The software's employee tracking feature ensures accountability and efficiency, while the seamless collection of farmer's farm visit data has streamlined our reporting process.


Sharvashakti Poultry Farm

Athul Khanal

Bitsflock has simplified our daily operations on the layer farm. The software's user-friendly interface makes data recording and analysis efficient, allowing us to focus on the well-being of our hens. It's a comprehensive solution for anyone looking to elevate their layer farm management

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Frequently Asked Questions

Bitsflock enables you to monitor the health, growth rates, breeding records, and overall performance of your poultry flock.

Yes, bitsflock offers a convenient mobile app, allowing clients to access the system on both desktop and mobile devices for seamless management on the go.

Absolutely. Bitsflock provides robust data analytics capabilities, allowing you to gain valuable insights into various aspects of your poultry farming operations.

Getting started with bitsflock is easy. Contact us to learn more about the onboarding process and to explore how bitsflock can be tailored to meet your specific farm’s needs.